Staffordshire Hoard Visit

by FoBAH

On December 1st 2014 a large group of twenty six FoBAH members enjoyed a private view of the new Gallery of the Staffordshire Hoard at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Toby Watley (Head of Collections) introduced the Gallery to members and explained how the Museum’s work on the Hoard with their international partners has revolutionized attitudes to Anglo-Saxons, revealing far more sophisticated techniques and craftsmanship than previously believed, showing design influences and trading links from all over the world, particularly Asia. Although most items are believed to be military, the folded cross and pectoral cross have attracted international attention (including from the Vatican). The sheer number of tiny gold items, the garnet cloisonné work, the complexity of the craftsmanship and the quality of the exhibition were stunning and the chance to have a private view was very much appreciated by members.